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[26 Aug 2005|03:17pm]

digital camerasCollapse )

i haven't been on my livejournal for months.
sorry if that's breaking some kind of rule for this community =\
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[22 Apr 2005|12:07am]

Basic Info
Name? Eric
Birthdate? 12-17
Location? Georgia
Male/Female? M
Sexual Orientation? Straight

10 Favourite Bands? Coldplay, Jimmy Eat World, Snow Patrol, The Postal Service, Frou Frou, Rilo Kiley, Ozma, Weezer, The Shins, Wilco
Favourite Movie(s)? Fight Club, The Royal Tennenbaums, Garden State
Favourite Musical(s)? Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Rent, Wicked
Favourite Book(s)? How I Became Stupid, Life of Pi, Rules of Attraction
Favourite Visual Artist(s)? JAckson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein, Picasso, Van Gogh
Favourite Authors/Poets? Poe, Longfellow, Palahniuk
Any Role Models? No. I prefer standing on my own two feet; rather than someone else's.
What's your favourite lyric? (Please write who you're quoting) I won't always live in my regret- JimmyEat World

Do you have a Significant Other? No
(If yes, post a picture)
Describe your ideal Significant Other: Hot. Smart. Stylish, Artist, vagina.
What are your feelings towards love? Silly
Which would you prefer, lust or love? Lust

What are your opinions on...
Drugs/Alcohol? use carefully
Organized religion?pfft!
Same sex marriage?why not.
"The Scene"?good
Plastic Surgery?yes
Politics?compromising bastards
Premarital Sex? oui

Please post three or more pictures of yourself.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Final Statements
Why should we accept you? Look at the above pictures.
Quick! Tell us a joke. Quick! Tell me why I should.
Anything else to add? Fin.
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am i beautiful ? [24 Jan 2005|04:20pm]

Am I Beautiful?Collapse )
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[23 Nov 2004|10:24pm]

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[21 Nov 2004|02:26am]


Am I beautiful?Collapse )

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[11 Sep 2004|06:50pm]

I've decided that I'm going to delete this community. It was fun in the beginning, but nobody really participates/promotes/votes. If anybody would like to take over and moderate it, I will give you all the necessary information. If I don't hear from anyone by next Saturday, THE EIGHTEENTH, ___thebeautiful will be deleted.

Sorry guys. <3 If you want to add me, go ahead and I'll add you back.
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[05 Sep 2004|09:57am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Am I Beautiful?! <3Collapse )

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Are you angry, for the sake of drama? [27 Aug 2004|07:16pm]

[ mood | determined ]

I've been a relatively lazy mod. Like, majorly. I WILL MAKE AMENDS. Truly.

So you run far away from a memory that contains her smile, contains her smile. You run up to see the outstretch that contains the width of the sky.Collapse )

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[27 Aug 2004|11:00am]

i'm leaving.

sorry guys.

you can add me if you want.

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some old photos [23 Aug 2004|12:40pm]

i got my scanner to work long enough to scan a few photos, and i havent posted in here in a long time (if ive posted at all), so here they are.

snapsCollapse )

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[22 Aug 2004|07:27pm]

i never post in here. so, here's some pictures that i took of my cousin and myself last weekend

pictaaas.Collapse )
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[21 Aug 2004|04:46pm]




add me if you want

Read more...Collapse )

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MODPOST [15 Aug 2004|07:50pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey everyone. Massive update.Collapse )

** There is going to be a members cut, because several of you are not active. If you'd like to remain in this community, please reply to this comment immediately. You will have ONE DAY to do so. **

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Am I beautiful? [14 Aug 2004|04:11pm]

applicationCollapse )
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am i beautiful? [13 Aug 2004|09:40am]

[ mood | confused ]

the sight of you i despise....i hope you meet your maker and i wont think twiceCollapse )

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Am I beautiful? [13 Aug 2004|12:08am]

Read more...Collapse )
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dollface_hawtys [11 Aug 2004|02:20am]



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stamped :: Xposted [07 Aug 2004|01:50pm]
bye byeCollapse )

Im going away tomorrow for a week :) dont forget me <3
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[03 Aug 2004|08:06pm]

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done [02 Aug 2004|02:36pm]

Hey guys, I think I'm done with the whole rating community. I guess I got bored and I rarly use eljay anymore. So, if you wanna keep in contact my aim is collapsedxstar, or add me to eljay and I'll add ya back. It's been fun :0)
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