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Sweet Summer

Summer Lovin'
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All Members
Summer is finally here! This is a community dedicated to all things summer. Discuss what your summer plans are, where you're going, what you're doing, where you're off to on holiday. Come along and talk to other lovers of the summer and post your summer and holiday pictures. Enjoy!


For already accepted members...

*Do NOT post hurtful/obscene/pornographic/racist content.

*Try to keep the posting about summer and summer related things, if possible.
*Try to post on a regular basis, keep active within the community.
*Promote the community.
*Do NOT steal anyone's icons.

For those wishing to join the community

*Apply to join using the application provided.
*The subject of your application should read "So long sweet summer" [but not a necessity]
*When posting the 3 pictures of yourself, NO webcam pics or cellphone pics, unless you don't own a camera.
*If we reject you, you can apply again up to three times, but if we reject you on the third application, then sorry but you havn't gotten in.

*Further Information About This Community*

This isn't a rating community and we aren't meanies so don't be afraid to apply! We won't reject you if you seem a nice person. The rules may seem harsh but there are alot of nasty people out there and our rules are there solely for the purpose of keeping them out of our community, so don't be misled, we are lovely people really!