green day

just because.

i was looking at my lj calendar at old svf entries and it made me sad. just because i was so happy and random then, hah what happened?

i used to use my rolling blinking backpack as a shopping cart. w3rd.

okay i havent seen all of you in a while. everyone should come to a foley soccer game or something.

much ♥

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Woa ya no wut we should do..................change the background, since this one kinda suxes....we should take a better picture next time we all get together and party and stuff.
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i felt like updating this ... i dont know why... but i did....

we should all get togehter... some time.. like in royal oak! and we can eat greasy food.... and eat lots of cold stone! mmmm

please comment if you do..

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hey evrybody! I have found the perfect community. does it count if I'm in here...cuz I wasn't exactly here for the last graduating class

but anywho.....awww man...I miss you guys so much (tear)...Here is my speach when I accept the #1 comedic performance in the year 2010.

"I'd like to thank everyone from St.Vincent Ferrer, For opening my eyes to how much laughter can improve someones life...if on;y for a little while"
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green day

hey homeslices

i sent a letter to mrs. cook so she could sign my service hour form.
heres part of her letter:

"I never thought i would say this, but i really miss you guys. Even Steven J. LOL.
Take care and tell everyone i send my love.

Mrs. C"

aww even harold the snow monkey. ;D
green day


aww no one updates this any more and i think i shall because we gotta stay tight! :D well i think we've all seen each other at games and stuff which is awesome. we gotta go to another haunted house!

i love you all!

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