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What is your personality like?:
it's pretty awesome. i'm fun-loving, crazy, rambunctious, a little bitchy sometimes, spontanious, flirty, and all in all, really awesome. :-)
Favorite types of music:
emo, screamo, pop-punk, punk, punk cabaret, some techno, indi
Bands you like:
the used, death cab for cutie, the dresden dolls, ben folds, my chemical romance...
Bands you hate:
led zepplin, korn, that kind of stuff.
Favorite books (if you don't read, just leave):
invisible monster (chuck palahniuk), harry potter 1-6 (j.k. rowling), diary (chuck palahniuk)
Favorite movies:
charlie and the chocolate factory, the notebook, garden state, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Coolest actor/actress:
friggen' johnny depp. gorgeous and insanely talented. natalie portman is pretty awesome, too.
writing poetry, music, reading, taking long walks to absolutely no where.
What makes you angry:
dumb people. disrespectful people. discrimination.
What makes you happy:
love. friends. awesome people. poetry. music.
Biggest frustration:
not getting what i want.
Best show you ever went to:
haven't gone to many, so i'll have to say the 89x stole x-mas show in detroit.
What do you want to do with your life?:
go to college. teach elementary school. fall in love and perhaps even make some babies.

Ok, now pick 2 issues that are a concern to you. And explain.
1. gay marriage - it's really quite simple. love knows no gender, no race, no religion, no political party, etc. love is accepting the flaws of another and still being able to find it somewhere inside of you to want to be with them every moment of every day. you don't wake up one day and say to yourself 'i'm going to be gay today', sexuality is a part of your soul that you are born with. this country was built on freedom, and freedom should entail that anyone should be able to marry anyone they please. just don't try and marry your dog or something crazy like that, kay?

2. pre-marital sex - i'm not religious. i don't believe in any kind of god, or higher power. but i do believe that ones virginity is a sacred thing. i see no reason for any girl or boy to give that much of themselves to another person, knowing quite well that they might just take it and run. sex is not a game. sex is being able to give your whole self to another person, not being able to hold back anything. it should only be shared with those who can truly cherish it for what it is.

Describe yourself in one word:
Pick a song lyric and describe yourself with it:
But I opened my eyes and walked out the door
 And the clouds came tumbling down
And it's bye bye goodbye I tried
Down comes the reign of the telephone czar
It's OK to call
Now I'll answer for myself - ben folds - landed
Post something amusing (link, pic, joke, whatev):

Ok. Promote this community in at least one place, and give the link:
my journal.
Anything else?:
um...my favorite color is pink. i guess that's pertinent information. maybe. probably not.
And add at least 2 pictures.

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