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Name/age/location: Haley/Thirteen/FL
What is your personality like?: Nice
Favorite types of music: Rock
Bands you like: Hawthorne Hights, Sum 41, Green Day, Unwritten Law, MCR
Bands you hate: IDK
Favorite books (if you don't read, just leave):
Favorite movies: Thirteen, Meet the Fockers, The Notebook, Mean Girls.
Coolest actor/actress: Actor: Will Smith Actress: IDK
Hobbies/interests: singing, guitar, school, music, ect.
What makes you angry: Death, Broken Hearts, Stupid boys
What makes you happy: Friends, Fun
Biggest frustration: Death
Best show you ever went to: Roper/Edison Glass/Providence
What do you want to do with your life?: Become a dinger

Ok, now pick 2 issues that are a concern to you.
And explain.

War- Why waste all the money on that??? People all around are dying of starvation and have no money. And also the money could go to foundations to help cure deadly diseases.

Cancer- I really hope that there is a cure one day, it screws up everyones lives, even if you're not the one that has it...

Describe yourself in one word: Nice
Pick a song lyric and describe yourself with it: I Tried to Be perfect, but nothing was worth it- Peices by Sum 41...because I tried...and I failed
Post something amusing (link, pic, joke, whatev):
funnyjunk.com...go there LOL

Ok. Promote this community in at least one place, and give the link:

I will promote in all my LJ's and in a promoting community

Anything else?: Umm...

And add at least 2 pictures.</b>: I don't have any...I will put some later...okay? :/

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