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Name/age/location: Cera/12/Utah
What is your personality like?: pretty happy most of the time. emo some of the time.
Favorite types of music: old-school punk,emo,and good pop,like the killers.
Bands you like: The used,the exploited,the ramones,clit 45,oi polloi,nirvana,metallica,A.F.I.,the distillers.
Bands you hate: simple plan,good charlotte,yellowcard,jimmy eat world,crap like that.
Favorite books (if you don't read, just leave):
Favorite movies:Eurotrip,Donnie Darko,Napolean Dynamite,A series of unfortunate events,The Hot Chick,Elf,Anchorman,Dodgeball,Mommy Dearest.
Coolest actor/actress: Audrey Hepburn,Anna farris,will ferrel,josh heder

Hobbies/interests: Music,Web Design,Fashion Design.
What makes you angry: people who judge,amendment three,people who will kill and eat anything they lay eyes on.
What makes you happy: pink things,marilyn monroe,music,the internet,designing.
Biggest frustration: mornings
Best show you ever went to: The Used
What do you want to do with your life?: i want to be an official designer,or a black-and-white photographer.

Ok, now pick 2 issues that are a concern to you.
And explain.
Amendment three.

I remember last year,a couple of me and my friends got talking. One girl mentioned ellen degeneres. she started ranting about how gay people are sick and twisted and need to burn. from that day on i wanted to do something,it made me so angry.marriage is love,not gender. two people,male or female should be able to get married to whoever they want,male or female. you are basically banning people from being able to love,and be together. that's wrong.


I'm not an extreme vegetarian,but I still have very much respect for all the animals. you don't see them killing us off for food,do you?

Describe yourself in one word: odd
Pick a song lyric and describe yourself with it: "cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby," -wheatus
I don't know. it just randomly fits with me.
Post something amusing (link, pic, joke, whatev):

Ok. Promote this community in at least one place, and give the link: http://livejournal.com/users/____xambulance/info/
Anything else?: not really.

And add at least 2 pictures.

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