ok i would pick either LC, or Lo from laguna beach. LC because she is so funny, she has a great sense of styl! she has a great personality, and she likes STEVEN! i love himmm. I would pick LO cuz she is hilarious! i love her! and im act blonde like her! lol so thats who i would chose from laguna beach!

ok now i have to go get pics for the scavenger huntt! lol thanx kaceyyy for the directions lol to kno were the theme was haha! i still dotn kno how ppl like put the theme like (theme) and u cna clikc on it ahha! lol im confused lol!

alexia's theme lex_hurself928 she wants to do it lol her name isnt

ok first of all i'd like to say that amber is making me cry my eyes out...for a good reason... now, on to my theme/thing......ok from laguna beach i'd pick trey as my fav character cuz hes like so awesome!! its cool that hes into all that AYA stuff and i love his trucker hats ther the best!! he should like have a line for them, i kno i would definately buy them.... and hes like cool like hes not afraid to be his one person and he doesnt care what people think!! ahh and he longboards too, which is definately a plus... ;) ok bye yall this chick is out
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hey kacy i was wondering what is the theme this time cuz i would do it. i thought it was which laguna beach person u like best? but i dont kno haha so like comment kacy or who ever else knos! thanks!
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