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___sugarbomb's Journal

i hate you, this is krissy
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name: karissa lynn kelley
nick names: krissy, karissy, kris, butterfinger
location: oxnard, california
race: white (irish, french, cherokee)
hair: originally dirty blonde/light brown, currently faded red, with unsuccessful blonde dye, barely touching shoulders
eyes: blue
height: 5'2
weight: 120-125 lbs.
hobbies: writing, reading, tv, music, internet, phone, drawing
likes: jake gyllenhaal, marilyn monroe, foggy + rainy days, seafood, my rainbow pajamas, makeup, tatoos, music, chocolate chip pancakes, depressing music, zines, nailpolish, letters, writing in my journal, feeling loved, chuck taylors, jackets, hanging out in public bathrooms, old pink cars, goofy guys, humor, hair dye
dislikes: people who call me punk, my parents, sunny days, beans, my looks, zits, my teacher, principal, most kids at school, white shoes, homophobics, racists <- people like them too. viagra or dick growing medication emails, my computer, drunks, my teeth, diet pills, my weight, scales, eh anything assosiated with health inlcuding doctors. being depressed

ayúmdeme, por favor.