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i hate you, this is krissy's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
i hate you, this is krissy

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[16 Feb 2007|01:14pm]
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[14 Dec 2005|03:58am]


Looking to find peace?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[13 Jul 2005|08:25pm]


Stayin' Alive!Collapse )

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[10 Feb 2004|05:28pm]

BettyAnnPetz: wel u b mi entranit boifrend
bArryjiVe316: sure why not

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[09 Feb 2004|07:29pm]


kin sumbudi bi tehz 4 mi plz?/ ey dunt haff ne muni.
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[06 Feb 2004|03:36pm]

helu evri1.

duz evri1 haff uh vahlintyn?// Ey wuld reli luff 2 b sum1z velyntyn. Eef u niid uh vaelyntnyn ey wel b et. luff shuld b 4 evri1!!!11

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[03 Feb 2004|05:09pm]

helu evri1 mi naym ez betty ann
plz a d mi 2 ur frendz leest.

Ey haff uh ketti naymd FLUFFERZ und seh ez SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU pRESsis!!111 UMG seh ez peenk und suft und suu swiit.!11!1111

und ey yam uh chiirlidar!1111
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[13 Jan 2004|10:42pm]

hey, if you like mixtapes, mixtape_junkies is the community for you.

check it out.
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[06 Sep 2003|03:46pm]

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[10 Feb 2003|04:59pm]
fuck this shithole of a journal, if you're smart enough you'll know where to find me.
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;;friends only;; [22 Jan 2003|08:37pm]
[ mood | busy ]

friends only.
im currently happy with my amount of friends
so please do not add me. if you do happen to
add me, you'll end up reading nothing at all b
ecause i will not add you back. sorry come b
ack another time . . maybe i'll be social then.


cleaning friend list [22 Jan 2003|08:29pm]
[ mood | productive ]

welp i've finished deleting every single entry, and i've decided to make my journal friends only.. and i kinda wanna get rid of people who don't read my journal and such, since it wouldn't be fair since i do read every journal whether i comment or not, i read every single word.

so if you hate me and you know it, take me off your friend list. if you like me and still wanna be on my friend list comment.. some people will just automatically stay on, some won't if they don't comment.

i'd rather not list the people who'll automatically stay on since i don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings. yeah you have till' the next time i sign on to comment and if you don't comment and i like you, you can either let me know that you don't want me on your friend list (or just unadd me and i'll get the hint)

as of now (well after the friends only note) all entries shall be friends only.


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