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I'm well aware that nothing seems to be happening here, but I'm joining anyway because I'm slow and have I nothing better to do :)
Anyway, I think the moment back in the first series when she announced that she wears dead people's clothes to save money was the turning point for me. And the most recent episode just was, quite simply, a Sue White episode :D

Joanna: What do you want?
Sue: Couple of things: for you to know your place
Joanna: *sigh* ...yes. And?
Sue: I want to fly. Like a bird. Like a plane.

Sue: (French accent) Oh, monsieur, you must be more carful wis your camcorder tapes!

Angela: I have a hypothetical question.
Sue: I have a holepunch. Let's not get big headed.

(Whenever Caroline tries to talk to Sue signals for her to be quiet and carries on typing. After a while she looks up and looks shocked)
Sue: *gasp* How did you get in??!

And so much more.. I love it :)

Anyway, hello all those who may or may not be around here *waves*


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