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I have nothing interesting too add really.
I'm from New Zealand and we should be seeing episode five this friday at 9:30.
i went to visit my cousin's for the first time in about 8 years and we ended up watching Green Wing togeather last week.
The best show ever.

1) You must salute at every squirrel you see.

We don't have squirrels here. What animal may be used as a substitute?

3) Be kind to camels.

Do i get extra brownie points if i bring a horse to work? I know it's just not a camel, but we don't have them either.

5) If your mobile phone rings, don't answer it. Dance.

and it's funny. because i do.

Anyway, Sue White is my favourite character and i am suitably obsessed with Green Wing.

Wow that really is all i have to say.


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