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heyla, i've only recently had my eyes opened to the joys of green wing, but in the week since i first saw it (yep, 7 short days was all it took) i'm completely hooked. and i adore sue. my current favourite moment would be the 2 buttons in her office - 1 to point out the particular issues with holly that upset her, the second to get the girl out of her office.

if only i had those buttons. my life would be so much more fun.
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Hello everyone! newbie here! please don't shoot arrows at me? am i accepted? i LOVE Sue White she is the best character on tv ever!!

'i want ride a chadlier down the hospital corridors. wave wave PARP PARP ^^

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I'm well aware that nothing seems to be happening here, but I'm joining anyway because I'm slow and have I nothing better to do :)
Anyway, I think the moment back in the first series when she announced that she wears dead people's clothes to save money was the turning point for me. And the most recent episode just was, quite simply, a Sue White episode :D

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Anyway, hello all those who may or may not be around here *waves*
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