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[03]location..do you like it?:ft lauderdale, i love it

favourites & unfavourites..
[04]10+ favourite bands: B-52's, Weezer, Jimmi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Wheatus,Harry and the Potters, Oasis, Queen, The Beatles, The Monkeys.
[05]5+ bands that make you vomit:Hilary Duff, Lindsey Lohan,50 cent, Garth Brooks, usher
[06]3+ favourite books: I am a reader. I cannot choose, what are you thinking? I love pretty much every book I read.
[07]3+ books that make you vomit:the bully, the true confessions of charlotte doyle, and johnny tremain
[08]7+ favourite movies: Never Been Kissed, Monty Python's the holy grail and lifr of brian, Peter Pan, Dumb and Dumber, Anchorman, Monster in Law ((anything with Michael Vartan in it))
[09]5+ movies that make you vomit: Raise your voice, Oceans 12, Rocky,Birth, Somethings got to give.
[10]2+ things you love about the same sex: Talking and Pretty clothes
[11]2+ things you love about the opposite sex: Hotness....and good hair

this or that..
[12]pepsi or coke?: neither
[13]sheep or goats?: sheep
[14]emo or punk?: emo
[15]alternative or indie?: indie
[16]ska or metal?: ska
[17]toothbrush or toothpaste?: toothpaste
[18]love or lust?:love
[19]mcdonalds or burger kind?: micky D's
[20]ipods or cds?: ipods
[21]pie or cake?: pie
[22]advil or tylonol?:advil
[23]hugs or kisses?: kisses
[24]dancing under the stars or dancing in the rain?: in the rain
[25]stars or sun?:stars
[26]summer or winter?: winter
[27]spring or fall?: spring
[28]hot or cold?: cold
[29]day or night?: night
[30]chucks or vans?: vans
[31]aliens or mermaids?: mermaids
[32]lemons or fire hydrants?: fire hydrants

[33]tell us a story, it can be about anything, just amuse us: My friend Christine , the say she got home from the hoipsital her one year old sister hit over the head with one of those HUGE disney story boooks. And she was just born. And she has never been the same since.
[34]give us a funny picture, anything to make us laugh, tell us why you picked it:
Click that Link.
This is funny becasue cheese is a healthy obsession.

[35]1+ fears?: Cockroaches
[36]2+ dreams/hopes?: to be famous anf to marry michael vartan
[37]promote in one journal and two communities and give us links:http://www.livejournal.com/users/dancnnmysexysox
Im not in any other communities.

[38]2+ things to add to our interests: Michael Vartan, pants
[39]say something nice about each of our mods:
_jacks_sally_ Holli is so cute.
at_maggie_moos Emalie loves star wars
x_the_killers_x Sara like chili.
chronic_future8 You are pretty
[40]4+ CLEAR pictures of yourself:</center>
Im at Sara's house. I dont have any pictures.
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