My name is Insecurity (_no__seatbelt) wrote in ___stupidxfuck,
My name is Insecurity

hey look at that stupid fucker

Brittany but everyone calls me bizzle
[03] you like it?:Nyack,new york,do i like it? yeah actually i love it perfect place for a person like me

favourites & unfavourites..

[04]10+ favourite bands:
[1]Brand new
[2]Daly's gone wrong                                                                                                        
[3]Hawthorne heights
[4]Something corporate
[5]fall out boy
[7]streetlight manifesto
[8]ordinary heroes
[9]Dirty heads
[10]green day
[05]5+ bands that make you vomit:this is a hard one for me
[2] LFO                                
[06]3+ favourite books:
[3]Harry potter and the chamber of secrets
[07]3+ books that make you vomit:
[1]The time machine
[2]the great wangdoodle
[3]Flowers for Algernon..very sad but not my style
[08]7+ favourite movies:
[1]SLC punk
[3]Grease                                                                                                                             [4homeroom                                                                                                                                     [5]The nightmare before christmas
[6]Jumangi (sp?)
[7]big fish
[09]5+ movies that make you vomit:
[1]The matrix
[2]fish tale
[3]House of sand and fog
[10]2+ things you love about the same sex:
[11]2+ things you love about the opposite sex:
[2]weight {i have a thing for skinny guys}

this or that..

[12]pepsi or coke?:i can't taste the difference between the two...weird right.
[13]sheep or goats?:sheep
[14]emo or punk?:oh i love both..but emo
[15]alternative or indie?:alternative
[16]ska or metal?:deff. deff. ska.
[17]toothbrush or toothpaste?:toothbrush
[18]love or lust?:love
[19]mcdonalds or burger kind?:burger king
[20]ipods or cds?:cds
[21]pie or cake?:cake
[22]advil or tylonol?:advil
[23]hugs or kisses?:kisses
[24]dancing under the stars or dancing in the rain?:both
[25]stars or sun?:stars
[26]summer or winter?:winter
[27]spring or fall?:fall
[28]hot or cold?:cold
[29]day or night?:night
[30]chucks or vans?:chucks
[31]aliens or mermaids?:aliens
[32]lemons or fire hydrants?:fire hydrants


[33]tell us a story, it can be about anything, just amuse us:okay i have a funny one, and i like telling it because it makes a complete fool outta me..well i was pretending to fight with my mom so i started screaming "you don't love me" and running towards my bedroom door well i forgot to turn the handle and the door just flew open leaving me on the ground..and the first thing outta my moms mouth was "did you break the door?"
[34]give us a funny picture, anything to make us laugh, tell us why you picked it:
that makes me laugh everytime i typed in funny in google once and it came up with a "sexy chick" hahaha

[35]1+ fears?:
[1]the dark
[36]2+ dreams/hopes?:
[1]to meet my father
[2]to do what i really wanna do what i get older
[37]promote in one journal and two communities and give us links:
[38]2+ things to add to our interests:
[1]brand new
[39]say something nice about each of our mods:
_jacks_sally_-you're amazing because you love harry potter and napoleon dynamite </span>at_maggie_moos-very pretty love the sunglasses</span>
x_the_killers_x-you are just simply amazing</span>
chronic_future8-not gonna lie you're a hottie</span>
cnsoup_party-your comment link says eggrolls..i love eggrolls..therefore i love you, plus i love michael phelps too!</span>
[40]4+ CLEAR pictures of yourself:


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