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Mod//This is the get to know yall better thang.

So, are you single or taken? alone
How old are you anyway? 14
That’s cool. Gender? femalia
Sexuality? bisexual ♥
Alright hot shit. On to the questions.

Do appearances matter? yes in ways
Do ONLY appearances matter? never
Smart? yes
Atheletic? noo
Sexy? no not really
Buff? noooo
Rich? no
Sensitive? when they need it to be
Cute? pff yeah
Funny? god yeah
Serious? not really
A risk-taker? yes i love risks
Possesive? jeesh yes
Would you rather date someone ugly with a great personality, or someone whos gorgeous but a dick? defenetly ugly. It doesent matter to me that much. I like having fun.
Speaking of dicks, does size REALLY matter? eh
Are you being honest? yes...
Do they have to be sensitive? you asked that already...
Out of these labels, pick whichever one closest identifies your perfect mate: the Jock, the goth, the emo kid, the jerk, the brain, the geek, the gangster, the wangster, the highschool dreamboat, or the kind of guy that cant be put into a group? the emo kid, the geek, the no group cutie
Hair color? blonde
Eye color? green or blue
Body type? skinny and lanky, or slightly fit
Personality type(no more than 3)? hilarious, layed back, cares
Height? taller than I
Sign? virgo
Facial/body hair? ew no
long or short hair: long
A six pack: it isnt needed
piercings: yes
scars: eh not bad ones
big butt or little: um it doesent matter?
straight teeth or gap: doesent matter that much, but straight is nice. and aw braces are cute.
party or stay at home: both
cook or bake: coool
have a best friend: yes
have a lotta boy friends: eh not really
be outgoing or shy: outgoing
be sarcastic or sincere: both
love their mother: aw yes
watch chick flicks: with me
be a smoker: doesent matter to me
drink: sure
swear: sure
play with your hair: aw yes thats way cute
pay for dates: id offer
kiss on the first date: if i liked them
bring you flowers: yes
lay under the stars with you: yes i am waiting for that
write poetry about you: i perfer songs
call you hunny, sweetie, or baby: not all the time, kinda annoying
hang out with you and YOUR friends: thats a must
walk you to the door at the end: yes
clean their room: no messe is the way to go
paint, draw, or sculpt: write
write their own music: yes
use the word dude: yes, dude's ok
use the word tight: fuck no
watch the sun rise with you: mmm yes
Love at first sight or friends first? friends first, eh loove at first sight can happpen
Any qualities they MUST have? sence of humor, creative, loving,PDA
Explain your ideal first date: movie maybe? dinner? then a walk? i have no idea.
What would they do on a special occasion (like an anniversary) that would blow you away? i like surprises
How would they propose? however they feel like it.
Would they whisk you away on a shiny white horse or in a shiny white convertible? unicorn
Where would you live happily ever after? figi bitch

Have you already found your true love? eh i suppose, but i mean i cant say that. i only know like 25 people.
If not, do you think you EVER will? yeah i will, i can feell it in my boness
Do you believe in love at first sight? no but i do lust at first sight (nice answer mike)

Daredevil or Safety-dweller? safety dweller
Bitch or Pushover? pushover
Closed minded or Open minded? the same time
Introvert or Extrovert? ahh i dont know what that means!@#$%^&*()_+
Comedian or Serious? Comedian
Traveler or Stay-at-home? stay at home
Nature-lover or animal-lover? both arent animals nature?
Clothing-designer-fanatic or prefer good old Walmart? mmm walmart son.
Artist or Criminal? artistic criminal
Hugger or a kisser?hugger "im a hug whore"-Thank you John
Lover or a hater? lover!
Jock or goth? god im a jock
Emo or preppy? woah defenetly emo. Never the prep. anything but the prep.
The End My Dears
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