Tor (roomstooxcold) wrote in ___stupidxfuck,

Look at that stupid fucker!

[01]name: Tor
[02]age: 16
[03] you like it?: PSL, Fl - Hate it.

favourites & unfavourites..
[04]10+ favourite bands:
[1]Straylight Run
[3]Roses Are Red
[4]Motion City Soundtrack
[7]Something Corporate
[8]The Early November
[9]Further Seems Forever
[10]From Autumn To Ashes
[05]5+ bands that make you vomit:
[1]The White Stripes
[3]Avril Lavine
[4]Britney Spears
[5]The Darkness
[06]3+ favourite books:
[1]The Perks of Being a Wallflower
[2]Chobits series
[3]Pita-Ten series
[4]Wait For Me
[5]Goddesses series
[07]3+ books that make you vomit: Can it been things to read in general?
[1]My Freshmen year's English book [Stories weren't that great.]
[2]PETA and PETA2's websites. [They go overboard with some things. Don't take any offense.]
[08]7+ favourite movies:
[2]Monkey Bone
[4]The Day After Tomorrow
[5]Napoleon Dynamite
[6]The Notebook
[7]Wayne's World
[09]5+ movies that make you vomit:
[1]The Forgotten
[3]The Matrix
[4]Uninvited Guest
[5]Kung Pow - Enter the Fist
[10]2+ things you love about the same sex:
[1]Just 'cause I'm not a lesbian or bisexual doesn't mean I can't like boobs.
[11]2+ things you love about the opposite sex:

this or that..
[12]pepsi or coke?: Coke
[13]sheep or goats?: Sheep
[14]emo or punk?: Emo
[15]alternative or indie?: Indie
[16]ska or metal?: Ska
[17]toothbrush or toothpaste?: Toothpaste
[18]love or lust?: Love
[19]mcdonalds or burger kind?: Burger Kind? How about Burger King? :P
[20]ipods or cds?: CDs
[21]pie or cake?: Cake
[22]advil or tylonol?: Advil
[23]hugs or kisses?: Hugs
[24]dancing under the stars or dancing in the rain?: Dancing in the rain
[25]stars or sun?: Stars
[26]summer of winter?: Summer
[27]spring of fall?: Spring
[28]hot or cold?: Cold
[29]day or night?: Night
[30]chucks or vans?: Chuckers
[31]aliens or mermaids?: Mermaids
[32]lemons or fire hydrants?: Lemons

[33]tell us a story, it can be about anything, just amuse us:
[34]give us a funny picture, anything to make us laugh, tell us why you picked it:
[35]1+ fears?:
[2]Being lonely/being alone
[36]2+ dreams/hopes?:
[1]Become a photographer
[37]promote in one journal and two communities and give us links:
[38]2+ things to add to our interests:
[1]The Perks of Being a Wallflower/ Being a Wallflower
[39]say something nice about each of our mods:
_jacks_sally_ I saw you at another community, I thougt you were neatorific.
at_maggie_moos I love your user icon, TEN is one of my most favorite bands.
[40]4+ CLEAR pictures of yourself:</center>
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