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Hey look at that stupid fucker!

[01]name: Kimberly Rachel Teresa
[02]age: 14
[03] you like it?: Lbs, ya it's pretty cool, except when tourists are there

favourites & unfavourites..
[04]10+ favourite bands: The Early November, Fall Out Boy, Something Corporate, Green Day, Hawthorne Heights, I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business, The Academy Is..., Senses Fail, Bright Eyes, Allister
[05]5+ bands that make you vomit: Good Charlotte, Lindsey Lohan, Avril Laviine, Hilary Duff, Simple Plan
[06]3+ favourite books: Harry Potters, the Outsiders, The A-list ones
[07]3+ books that make you vomit: Soldiers Heart, Charlotte Doyle,
[08]7+ favourite movies: Harry Potters, Star Wars, The Breakfast Club, Peter Pan, Sixteen Candels, Dt 1 and 2
[09]5+ movies that make you vomit: that one in History class about WWII, A lot Like Love, envy, the village, white noise
[10]2+ things you love about the same sex: eyes, sense of humorfulness
[11]2+ things you love about the opposite sex: ARMS, hair

this or that..
[12]pepsi or coke?: coke
[13]sheep or goats?: sheep
[14]emo or punk?: both
[15]alternative or indie?: alternative
[16]ska or metal?: ska
[17]toothbrush or toothpaste?: paste
[18]love or lust?: love
[19]mcdonalds or burger king?: both
[20]ipods or cds?: JEFF, ipod
[21]pie or cake?: cake
[22]advil or tylonol?: advil
[23]hugs or kisses?: hugs
[24]dancing under the stars or dancing in the rain?: dancing under the stars while its raining
[25]stars or sun?: stars
[26]summer of winter?: summer
[27]spring of fall?: spring, but fall to, that's my bday
[28]hot or cold?: cold
[29]day or night?: both
[30]chucks or vans?: chucks
[31]aliens or mermaids?: mermaids
[32]lemons or fire hydrants?: lemons

[33]tell us a story, it can be about anything, just amuse us: Today, at lunch, I was sitting with my friends and Sara was eating a popsicle. Or, she was trying to eat it rather. She then tyred to lick it, but got her tongue stuck instead. It looked quite painful, and I bet it was, but it was so freakin funny. But it gets worse. Not only did she do it that one time, but she preceded on to do it about three more times.
[34]give us a funny picture, anything to make us laugh, tell us why you picked it: i;m at emalies, so i don't have any.
[35]1+ fears?: spiders, heights
[36]2+ dreams/hopes?: to get married and have kids, to be a rock star, to travel around the world
[37]promote in one journal and two communities and give us links:,
[38]2+ things to add to our interests: ipods, and jeff
[39]say something nice about each of our mods:
_jacks_sally_ she's my sexy girlfriend
at_maggie_moos she's sitting right next to me
x_the_killers_x she's on the phone with the girl sitting right next to me
chronic_future8 hi.
[40]4+ CLEAR pictures of yourself:</center>
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