It Will Only End.. (__cherrylipsx) wrote in ___stonersx,
It Will Only End..

Name: Sydney
Age: 16
Location: Altoona, Iowa..
How Long Have You Been Smoking: Well, I started when I was 11.. with a friend of mine.. then I quit.. and then like.. 6-7 months ago? I started up again.. :)
Favorite Story Ever (Stoner Moments): I've had many.. Like when Lindsey, Bryant, and I stayed at my house.. after I bought a bag.. We were stoned for about 3 days straight :)
Do You Think Marijuana Should Be Legalized?: Of course.. Personally, I think weed makes people 10x better of people.. Everyone is so much more happier when their high.. I bet if everyone smoked weed we wouldn't be in war.. But that's my opinion :)
Pictures (Of You Smoking, Just You, Pieces, Etc..)
This is me, Lindsey and BK's "High Roller" it really is the best bong ever.. :)
This would be me high.. I look doofy.. But :)
Me high.. again..  Haha wait.. when am I not?? :)
Anyways.. there<3
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