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Umm....yeah you guys should start updating...

but anywhos..

this week...I smoked...four times in the past five days...but umm....I smoke twice under te brigde at the mall with Kelly, Sean, and Ted..then we left the mall one day and went to a feild with lots'o'

Kelly came up with "ICPCD's skin disease"

Then we went back to the mall and this random guys started talking to us about the ozone layer and why it was soo hot outside and I asked him if the people were shrinking!...psht..

then I went to Shannon's house and we smoked and it was crazy like whoa...greatness...oh then we watched umm...oh yeah Barney....the second time I ever smoked with Shannon...we watch Dumbo...yes yes...umm...

okay I'm done..


P.S. You all should accept Kelly!..

You've found a million ways to let me down so I'm not hurt when you're not around I was blind but now I see this is how you feel just say it to me if this was ever real
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