It Will Only End.. (__cherrylipsx) wrote in ___stonersx,
It Will Only End..

Lindsey : OOOH! bitch i cant smoke a bowl of stems..... Some weird ass blonde chick stole my lighter
!@#* :
!@#* : WTF
!@#* : WHAT A CUNT!
!@#* : Beat her fuckin' ass

Lindsey : Lol..yeah its you
Lindsey : lol so can i beat your ass?
!@#* : hahah
!@#* : I know
!@#* : haha

Lindsey : Mmmmm i just Opened my weed box
!@#* : i'm putting that on __stonersx
Lindsey : lol
Lindsey : and i can smellll the goodness
Me and my Grandma, smoked a bowl together for the first time today :) at .. like.. 3:00..
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