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So, me and Lindsey had an awesome weekend.. Smoke, smoke smoke.. Anyways.. Friday - lol Bitch called me from school using IP-relay.. and the lady said "gangster" and it made me laugh.. Haha.. then she came over.. We got weed from Jeremy.. then he told me that I ripped him off.. NUH UH.. He only wanted a dime.. and he gave Aaron some of his weed from our bag.. So, I get him the nickel he would've had left.. Because he threw some on the blunt.. anyways.. Aaron looked like Forest Gump :O hahahaha..Then we came back to my house, got more high.. and took pictures (which I'll post)..
Then she PASSED OUT. Yeah, passed out.. Then she got up early, and left.. and then I went back to sleep for awhile.. Then, Bill and Mom came to pick me up.. so I could drive them CLEAR to some Crack ladies house.. Who knows.. she got in the car, and then we went to get Bill's weed.. which was pretty good.. Because he rolled a joint, and we smoked it on the way back out to the house where Lindsey was waiting for me, lol.. On the phone with Kayla, lol.. then Luke.. then we ended up getting weed from Blake.. (from Friday we still had a dime left..) then we got another dime.. But we had to pick up Andrew, and take him back to yes.. this is where we smoked ANOTHER joint.. and then we dropped him off.. and got the weed.. Cops were everywhere!!! We were at  KNOWN bud house, lol.. and a cop was SLOWLY driving behind Lindsey's car.. it was trippy.. But we got the weed, dropped Blake off, then went to the gas station.. Where my mom found out there was A HUGE drug bust, lol.. then off to the farm we went.. Where we drank beers, Bill rolled a couple joints out of his own weed, and Lindsey threw some of her weed in this time..
Anyways, she passed out during The Ring.. then we got to sleep on a crack bed :D Hahahah lol, anyways.. I guess we're both home now.. I'll post these pictures now.. Don't laugh >.<
Hahah folks, we got Bryce high.. :)
Syd(me) Breaking down the weed..
(me) Hitting the "High Roller"
Lol.. Lindsey's goofy ass.. Hhaha..
Emo me and Lindsey, lol
Lindsey being emo..
Uhm.. Idk, lol..but I was chinky wasn't I? lol..
We HAD so much more, lol.. Ahh, lmao..
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