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(day dream)

[Mon, Jan 22nd, 07 @ 9:40AM]

I saw the coolest thing for aspiring designers, just draw up your ideal summer out fit, join brickfish and enter your design into their summer sizzle campaign and you can get a professional fashion designer to give you feedback on your outfit, plus, you get $250. Check it out:

(day dream)

a few things i have made... for sale... [Wed, Sep 20th, 06 @ 7:08PM]

[ mood | curious ]

hey. i am new to live journal... and this community.
it is nice to converse with others interested in the same things as i am ...
i am trying to sell this purse that i made a few months ago... it is about 11 inches wide and 6 inches tall... it is lined with the same material shown on the outside of the purse...

here are the pics

(day dream)

[Tue, Jul 11th, 06 @ 6:45PM]

Anyone know any online patterns for those shirt dress things ?

Also for any cool aprons.

it's just quikc projects so I'm not bothering to buy a pattern.

So, anywhere ?


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[Mon, Jun 5th, 06 @ 5:07PM]

I've been searching all over the internet and I tihnk I may at last be in the right place.

We've finally got our sewing machine but my mother is refusing to let me useit to make clothes untill I have actual patterns. But i simply do not have the money to bhuy them.

So I was wondering, is there any darling who would be willing toscan and email me a few dress patterns ?

Or know anywebsites where I can get free patterns ?

Or does anyone even have simple instructions on how to make ones ?

I would really appreactiate it

Thanks in advance

x maria

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[Mon, May 1st, 06 @ 10:04PM]

Hey if any of you have a good web site for embroidery kits (or sell yo0ur own) I would really appreciate it if you let me know!! I have wanted to start embroidering sshirts and what not for a while, but can't seem to find any interestring kits. Thanks for your help!!!

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[Thu, Dec 15th, 05 @ 5:06PM]


hey just joined :) so far you gusy seem really talented heres my creation. i made this out of a ugly floor length skirt from value village..yay! polkadotobsessionCollapse )

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blue cocktail dress [Thu, Nov 10th, 05 @ 6:13PM]
this is my lastest project, it's actually the rough draft of a dress for my friend aiden's b-day party on the 26th.

for the final, i'm going to make more tiers extend to the floor, and make them from a more flowy fabric so it looks better. and the neckline needs some work. i also need to make the ruching a little more even in the front.

for lack of a witty line . . .Collapse )

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Anyone got..? [Thu, Oct 6th, 05 @ 5:47PM]

Would anyone here be able to sell me/find me any fabric that they own or know where to get that is:

- Coloful
- Neon
- Rainbow
- Cute
- Fruitsy

Any fabrics that fit into any of those catergories?
Thanks! ~

(day dream)

[Fri, Aug 12th, 05 @ 5:21AM]

im selling clothings of all kinds.

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[Thu, Aug 4th, 05 @ 8:23AM]
OK I've been meaning to post for a long time, I finally got my pictures uploaded of the dresses and skirts i made. The pictures of them on me look really blurry though. (you can kinda tell I suck at taking pictures of myself in the mirror :/ ) I'll put this under a cut b/c it's a lot of pictures and not very dial-up friendly. Any comments or suggestions would help out alot. i especially need help on "the naked dress".

Dresses, etc.Collapse )

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