Wahoo for "new" bands

Dunno how many of you are into metal/harcore/(and therefore metalcore) but I came across a "new" band (which isn't really new, just new to me) yesterday called It Dies Today. I'd liken them to bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch, etc. Lot of metal and hardcore influences, mix of screaming/growls and clean vocals (their vocalist has a really good range). So yeah, if you get a chance pick up their newest called "The Caitiff Choir", really really good stuff.

And second.... POST MORE! More talkative communities are more fun ;-)
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what's giving YOU an eargasm?

What's everyone listening to right now?

In my CD player is a mix that I made -- Shut Your Fuckin Face Unclefucker! (Don't ask, heh)

1. Bloodwork - 36 Crazyfists
2. Fortunate One - CCR
3. Forgiveness - Collective Soul
4. Illusion - Creed
5. Birthmark - Deftones
6. Miserlou - Dick Dale
7. Puratania - Dimmu Borgir
8. Stay Awake - Dishwalla
9. Tear Away - Drowning Pool
10. Unfortunate - Earshot
11. Three Little Pigs - Green Jelly
12. Anger Rising - Jerry Cantrell
13. Gotta Get Away - The Offspring
14. My Girl - Primer 55
15. Breathe - Prodigy
16. Buck Dich - Rammstein
17. Lovely Bunch of Coconuts - Monty Python
18. Bitch Please II - Eminem/Dre/Snoop Dogg

And speaking of Creed's Illusion, I'm really feeling the lyrics:
or is it all just an illusion?Collapse )

Wahoo another new one

Hey guys, checking out more music communities and this place looked pretty cool and open. Name's Adam here, 18 (for another month at least), currently residing in VA (but from NC).

Favorite Bands:
-Staind (the all-time favorite, Dysfunction/Tormented is what brought me into music)
-Pitchshifter (sad they broke up :( J.S. Clayden is one of my all-time idols for his vision)
-Killswitch Engage
-Lamb of God

So at least those are the bands who've had the biggest impact on my life, if I were to list everything I *love* that would take a few pages. Mostly into harder rock/metal/metalcore but been getting into some hardcore/punk stuff lately. Also like the occasional lighter listen, like Coldplay.

Feel free to comment up and i'll give you my contacts :)

*Question of the day*
What's coming out of YOUR speakers right now and what's next in line?
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Yeah I got a couple more band names for you:

- Bouncing Souls
- The Clash
- The Cure

Yeah, a mix of come 90's and late 80's for you. Go ahead and check em' out. I don't think you will too disapointed.

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This is my community, it's music related. Im not trying to draw the attention away from this community, I just need alot of supporting members right now, seeing as I only have 3 not including myself, and I really need to get it started. So if you wanna join, plz do.


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If you haven't noticed (either by listening to the music or recognizing it) the music I listed in the previous entry is mainly PUNK THRASH, ROCK, and DJ PUNK ROCK. So hopefully you enjoy. And if you don't, well then your stupid for waisting your time with it.

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When does anybody ever post in here?

I mean come on, it's been what 2 days now, and nobody has posted since my last post!! FREAKIN' A!!!

But anyways, last night me and my mom went through a whole lot of old 80's music, it was so much fun. We found like 100+ Vinyl Records and I had alot of fun going through them. Unfortunantly I can't listen to them until we get a new needle for my mom's 'record' (nifty?) player. :sigh: But whenever that happens, I am gonna trace all the music on the records to actual CD's, arn't I the nifty one? (srcasm, much!!)<---sp?

How is everybody eles's music life going? Good? GREAT!!!