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Clouds roll by and I roll with them.

Hey. I’m Selene, 17 years old, and live in Indiana, unfortunately. My favorite bands are Staind, Disturbed, AC/DC, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Dream Theater, Ozzy, and Zakk Wylde. There are plenty of others, of course. I absolutely adore music. It’s pretty much my life. I just wish I was capable of writing or performing it.

Five songs to download:

Space-Dye Vest ~ Dream Theater
Pet ~ A Perfect Circle
Me ~ Staind
Too Numb to Cry ~ Zakk Wylde
Darkness ~ Disturbed

Ok, a bit more about me, I guess. I have a community, beauty_in_music. It’s a rating community, based on one’s love for music. It’s about a week old, and not going much of anywhere yet. I would really love for some of you music lovers reading this to join it. I would appreciate it greatly. (There’s still one automatic spot open, if you’re interested.)

Well, that’s me, so I guess I’ll wrap this up.
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