December 9th, 2004

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Gunman opens fire on band at Ohio nightclub, killing four

article from today's Boston Herald:
COLUMBUS, Ohio-- A man walked onstage in a crowded nightclub during a rock concert last night and opened fire, killing at least four people and wounding at least two others before he was shot to death by police, authorities said.

Members of the heavy metal band Damageplan had just begun their first song at the Alrosa Villa when the man opened fire on the band, initally shooting the guitarist, who went by the name "Dimebag Darrel," a witness said. According to the band's Web site, the guitarist and another member are formally of the heavy-metal band Pantera.

The eitness said a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and hockey jersey climbed onto the stage, started yelling and shot the guitarist five or six times at close range, Couch said. Couch said the gunman also shot a bouncer

Dimebag died from his wounds...I was never a huge Pantera fan, but I always respected them. I think it's fucking sad and insane how someone would do such a thing. The reprucussions of this are gonna suck too; concert security is probably going to become even tighter and more strict than it already is because of that damn psycho.

RIP Dimebag Darrel Abbot