December 6th, 2004

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We were listenining to the radio at work, and I finally got to hear Korn's version of "Brick in the Wall" I was thoroughly unimpressed, personally. I really like Class of 99 (Layne Staley, Tom Morello, Steve Perkins, Martin Lenoble)'s cover of that song on the The Faculty soundtrack though.

I found myself curious as to who else has covered this song, so I looked it up. I discovered a nifty little site that tells you who has covered a particular artist, and who that artist has covered. Take a looksee:

I had no idea that Pearl Jam covered Floyd, if anybody has that and wants to send it to me via aim (wikid garden is my screen name) I will love you forever! Also, Metallica apparently covered AIC's "Man in the Box"? AWESOME. I'm a huge Alice in Chains and Metallica fan and I never knew that.
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