November 26th, 2004

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i want to listen to music that isnt played on the radio...
i dont want to go into total screamo..

i want something that is worth downloading for 3 and a half hours..i have slow connection.

++has anyone heard :
A Thorn For Every Heart
Within Temptation
Arrogant sons of bitches
Assorted Jellybeans++

i haven't heard them..just trying to download them..are they any of them any good?
Biting my lip

Hello all.

Hi, my name is Britni.  I just joined.  I am really into music... all kinds of music.  It just really depends on what mood I am in.  Actually, my user name is from Vermilion Part 2... it's a Slipknot song and I love it!

Anywho... feel free to comment in my journal and I will more than likely add you!


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