November 23rd, 2004

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Anybody heard the new Rammstein song, Amerika?

I'm seeing Godsmack Acoustic tonight. I saw it previously on September 11th and the show was amazing, as expected. I'm hoping they'll mix it up a little and play some different stuff. Either way I know it's going to be a kickass show so expect a review tomorrow or the next day.

And.. just because I don't think I ever have.. here is my guitar:

Okay, it's not technically my guitar, it's my roomate David's. But it's the only one I can play without strings breaking off. I could play one of the three acoustics but they hurt my fingers.

Just out of curiosity, who all here can play an instrument and what kind? To get the conversation ball started..
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These are all on my xmass list

I like the new layout.

Just thought I'd mention that Nirvana's box set comes out today, and I think NIN is re-releasing a special edition of The Downward Spiral for the 10th anniversary of the original. Also be on the lookout for Velvet Revolver's re-release of Contraband with extra tracks. Oh and if you like U2, they have a new record out too. That's all, peace.