November 16th, 2004

Wahoo another new one

Hey guys, checking out more music communities and this place looked pretty cool and open. Name's Adam here, 18 (for another month at least), currently residing in VA (but from NC).

Favorite Bands:
-Staind (the all-time favorite, Dysfunction/Tormented is what brought me into music)
-Pitchshifter (sad they broke up :( J.S. Clayden is one of my all-time idols for his vision)
-Killswitch Engage
-Lamb of God

So at least those are the bands who've had the biggest impact on my life, if I were to list everything I *love* that would take a few pages. Mostly into harder rock/metal/metalcore but been getting into some hardcore/punk stuff lately. Also like the occasional lighter listen, like Coldplay.

Feel free to comment up and i'll give you my contacts :)

*Question of the day*
What's coming out of YOUR speakers right now and what's next in line?
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