August 15th, 2004

Greetings and Salutations

Hello my name is Zac im 17 i live in georgia lets see music is my life then comes my girlfriend kim then i guess everything else such as basketball football soccer BMX and paintball fall somewhere else along the category of my interests and hobbies i have 3 piercings my right eyebrow (16 gauge) my tonuge (4 gauge) and my right nipple (14 gauge) i used to have both pierced but my left one got ripped the hell out which as you can imagine hurt a little bit but anyways my favorite bands in order would be Mudvayne, Finger Eleven, Rage Against The Machine. i also like bands such as Godsmack, System Of A Down, Static-X, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Staind,Cold, and my friends band Cartel. if you actually care enough to read this entire thing and still care to know more about me let me know and i will be more than happy to divulge the afore mentioned requests for knowledge of the great one (me)....Quoth the Raven nevermore

- Nameless here Evermore -
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    Finger Eleven - Panic Attack