July 13th, 2004

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1: porcupine tree - Wilson
2: pink floyd - Waters and only Waters
3: camel - Latimer
4: nile - Sanders
5: opeth - Akerfelt and Lindgren
6: anathema - Cavanagh
7: rush - Lifeson & Lee

These men created music because they love it.
They struggled to make it available to the world.
I feel forever in debt to them for their contribution to my life.
Music. Sound. Reverberation.
Universal and timeless.

Besides influence the thing I think of most when listening to music I love is how? It seems almost to perfect that they knew exactly what I needed to hear. Flawless. If I could only be there when it all comes together in one of their minds.

Opeth is my favorite of all-time btw.
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