+ K-LeeBob + (x_kill_radio_x) wrote in ___stateofmind,
+ K-LeeBob +

So, I have a new music list (Song-wise) And I thought I would share it will all you fine people of this community.

 1. She Said- Angry Amputees
2. Rebel Yell- Assorted Jelly Beans
3. Everyday- Authority Zero
4. Big Bang- Bad Religion
5. Don't Wait- Blue Collar Special
6. 2 Bak 005- Bracket
7. Imaginary Places- Bus Driver
8. Crazy And Stupid- Crash And Burn
9. Cosmic Assassins- DJ OBERT
10. Time To Go- Drop Kick Murphey's
11. To Ride, Shoot, Speak...- Entombed
12. I Want It All- Flamethrower
13. California Crossing- Fu Manchu
14. Suffer Some- Jane's Addiction
15. A Day At The Race's- Jurrasic 5
16. The Days- Mike V and The Rats
17. Skin Therapy- Mr. Dibbs
18. Run Fat Boy Run- Nine Pound Hammer
19. Seperation of Church And Skate- NOFX
20. Like The Angels- Rise Against
21. Circle Of Fear- Smoke Blow
22. Mommy's Little Monster- Social Distortion
23. White Riot- The Clash
24. California Babylon- Transplants

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