+ K-LeeBob + (x_kill_radio_x) wrote in ___stateofmind,
+ K-LeeBob +

When does anybody ever post in here?

I mean come on, it's been what 2 days now, and nobody has posted since my last post!! FREAKIN' A!!!

But anyways, last night me and my mom went through a whole lot of old 80's music, it was so much fun. We found like 100+ Vinyl Records and I had alot of fun going through them. Unfortunantly I can't listen to them until we get a new needle for my mom's 'record' (nifty?) player. :sigh: But whenever that happens, I am gonna trace all the music on the records to actual CD's, arn't I the nifty one? (srcasm, much!!)<---sp?

How is everybody eles's music life going? Good? GREAT!!!
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