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I just thought I would post and tell all about this really kewl band who is FREAKIN' AWESOME!! And if you like Slipknot & Chimaira then this band will ROCK YOUR SOCK!!! (Yeah only one SOCK)


- Corey Beaulieu - guitar, vocals
- Matt Heafy - guitar, lead vocals
- Paolo Gregoletto - bass
- Travis Smith - drums

TRIVIUM was formed in 2000 in Altamonte Springs Florida - Travis Smith, Matt Heafy and two other band mates met at Travis's house to learn and cover "For Whom the Bell Tolls" for his high school's Battle of the Bands competition. Even though an inexperienced, quickly formulated band - the aggression of TRIVIUM was popular among the high school crowd. Shortly after the Battle of the Bands show TRIVIUM performed in a local music contest, Indiefest, taking 2nd place overall. After a couple local party gigs, TRIVIUM's original singer left the band.

The end 2000 called for a new singer. It was decided that Matt would take on the lead vocal duties as well as being the lead & rhythm guitarist and a search was underway for a rhythm guitarist. An old band mate of Travis', Brent Young was called on to try out for the rhythm guitar spot. Brent was selected and joined the band. With the new line up, TRIVIUM played several garage gigs, party gigs, and small clubs, gaining experience and writing more originals. Early in 2001, TRIVIUM performed at their high schools Battle of the Bands show as well as other high school level competitions. TRIVIUM's ever growing sound was that of old school Metallica, Testament, Megadeth, and Slayer. Gaining a little notoriety in and around the local club scene, TRIVIUM's thrash metal style was unique with a fresh sound. Soon, TRIVIUM headed into a local studio to record a three-song demo.

In mid 2001 TRIVIUM parted ways with its bassist. TRIVIUM asked Richie Brown from a local Black metal band to fill in on bass duties until a full time member could be brought in. A string of successful shows followed and then a search was conducted for a permanent bassist. Brent, at the time was the TRIVIUM rhythm guitarist, Brent decided to try out on bass and as it turned out Brent was amazing on bass! So there it was the new line up for TRIVIUM, a three piece (Matt - Guitars/Vocals, Travis - Drums, and Brent on Bass).

As 2002 progressed TRIVIUM's fan base began to grow, the band began to receive more local buzz and awards in the band's name, more and more people become curious about TRIVIUM's sound and began to check out their shows. Carrying a full set of originals, TRIVIUM tore up club after club during the summer, opened for national acts - placed 1st for Battle of the Bands in high school and Matt was awarded The Best Metal Guitarist Award for 2002 presented by The Orlando Metal Awards.

Heading into the studio, TRIVIUM recorded four originals for their next demo. After this demo was recorded the musical direction of the band changed. TRIVIUM's thrash metal style was morphed into something that the band and critics categorize as Melodic Death Metalcore. TRIVIUM's music has been described & reviewed as sounding something along the lines of In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Pantera, old Metallica, Testament and others in that vein. With that, TRIVIUM recorded several live performances in preparation for heading into the studio to record a demo CD.

TRIVIUM went to work with Jason Suecof from Audio Hammer Studios (God Forbid, Burning Inside) to record a 7-track high quality demo CD. With the completion of their self-financed, self-titled demo CD - TRIVIUM began to shop for reviews and labels. The reviews were positive with several features, interviews and band spotlights on numerous fan/music news/webzines nationally & internationally. International Label - LifeForce records from Germany signed the band in May of 2003. LifeForce along with TRIVIUM's production company MKH arranged for the band to head back into the studio to begin work on a LifeForce Records debut album.

In June of 2003 TRIVIUM went back to Jason and Audio Hammer Studios to record their 12-track debut CD, released in October 2003 and distributed worldwide. Ember To Inferno. is just the beginning of what TRIVIUM has to offer.

In September of 2003 Corey Beaulieu was asked to join the band as its 2nd guitarist.

How kewl was that? 

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