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Once again I am back to this community, seeing as I joined yesterday and 2 people have commented then, I take it I am accepted...(clue?)

My CD collection has been re-started, yep...
All 168+ CD's that I had, I threw them out, it was a sad process, but fun at the same time. (I like to through things and CD's remind me of frisbees (sp?)

So now my CD's are focusing strictly around the range of all types of rock, techno & 80's music. So far Im up to 31.

> 100% Pure Dance
> Alien Ant Farm: Anthology
> American Hi-Fi
> American Hi-Fi: The Art of Losing
> Blink 182 (self-titled)
> DDR Extreme
> DJ Venom: Straight Bangin 2
> DJ Venom: Straight Bangin 3
> Essential Dance
> DJ Skribble: Essential Summer/Spring Break 2001
> Green Day: Dookie
> Green Day: American Idiot
> Hits of the 80's
> Jet: Get Born
> Korn: Untouchables
> Kotton Mouth Kings: Royal Highness
> Lost In the 80's
> Maroon 5: Songs About Jane
> Mest
> New Found Glory: Sticks and Stones
> NOFX: Punk In Drublic
> Now 16
> Redifined Moments 2 (Rock Mix)
> AMP Vol. 11 (Rock Mix)
> Seether: Disclaimer
> Seether: Disclaimer II
> Slipknot: M.F.K.R
> Slipknot
> Slipknot: IOWA
> Slipknot: Vol. 3 The Subliminal Verses
> Stone Sour
> Story of the Year: Page Avenue
> The Donnas: Spend the Night
> Three Days Grace
> Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Fever to Tell

and you be soooo surprised, that's not all. Those are all the CD's of bands that everybody HAS heard of, I keep my other collection secret. I only reveal to my friends, or TRUE music fans. <---- All the more of a reason for you comment and get to know me! ^_^

Thought for the DAY:

"Don't cut YOUR clothes to EVERYBODY ELES'S style"
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