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[25 Jan 2006|11:20am]

Does anyone know who directed Matchbook Romance's new video 'Monsters'? I can't stop watching it!!!!
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[21 Nov 2005|01:57pm]

Lately I've been getting into hardcore and haven't found anything new thats too exciting, but this band "I Am Ghost"... whoa, amazing. They are really unique, I can't even describe them. I really recommend checking out one of their songs here! Also! When did Epitaph get the new site layout? Its insane!!! Are there any bands similar to these guys that you recommend?
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[06 Nov 2005|06:01pm]
Check out FLYLEAF! On tour with STAIND.

E-card here!
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[18 Aug 2005|05:15pm]

Has anyone checked out Hellcat's latest band, Orange? Think mini-Rancid meets mini-Sum 41... I just came across some of their songs here. These guys sound pretty good! What do you think?
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[08 Aug 2005|05:37pm]

Anyone into Motion City Soundrack here? I thought some of you might be interested to know they are going to be on MTV TOMORROW night for the "10 Spot Drop". They're supposed to be interviewed and premiering the video for "Everything is Alright". I think the new video is up on the mtv site right now too, if you want to check it out before it's premired! Its really an awesome video! You can download the song for free on MTV.com too, plus they are supposed to have some free Motion City Soundrack ringtones and other stuff next week!
They are also supposed to be on Conan O'Brien on August 17. Plus they're Warped Tour right now and will be on the Nintendo Fusion Tour in the Fall!
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[04 Aug 2005|01:14pm]

Who here is into Pennywise? I'm really just getting into them, so help me out! Has anyone heard anything about their new release 'The Fuse'? I just picked up one of their older cds and would like to get another one. I've read one review on it and it was said to be an amazing record!!! What do you think?
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[27 Jul 2005|09:57pm]



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Hey I Am New :) [06 Jul 2005|04:45pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

Under Pressure-By The Used and MCR, i love this songCollapse )

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[10 Mar 2005|03:24pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

title or description

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[12 Jan 2005|11:37am]

Interested in sharpening your skills as a master mixer?
Come join us at love_postal, where all manner of mix tapes and cds will be traded once a month using new and unusual themes.

* If this isn't ok feel free to delete the post, we dont want to offend communities with spam*
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[19 Dec 2004|03:45pm]

I'm leaving this community. I'm not active and neither is it.

Feel free to add me, I love friends<3

Bye, Jenna.
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Please Join! [16 Dec 2004|03:25pm]


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Gunman opens fire on band at Ohio nightclub, killing four [09 Dec 2004|07:51pm]

article from today's Boston Herald:
COLUMBUS, Ohio-- A man walked onstage in a crowded nightclub during a rock concert last night and opened fire, killing at least four people and wounding at least two others before he was shot to death by police, authorities said.

Members of the heavy metal band Damageplan had just begun their first song at the Alrosa Villa when the man opened fire on the band, initally shooting the guitarist, who went by the name "Dimebag Darrel," a witness said. According to the band's Web site, the guitarist and another member are formally of the heavy-metal band Pantera.

The eitness said a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and hockey jersey climbed onto the stage, started yelling and shot the guitarist five or six times at close range, Couch said. Couch said the gunman also shot a bouncer

Dimebag died from his wounds...I was never a huge Pantera fan, but I always respected them. I think it's fucking sad and insane how someone would do such a thing. The reprucussions of this are gonna suck too; concert security is probably going to become even tighter and more strict than it already is because of that damn psycho.

RIP Dimebag Darrel Abbot
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[06 Dec 2004|09:44pm]

[ mood | bored ]

We were listenining to the radio at work, and I finally got to hear Korn's version of "Brick in the Wall" I was thoroughly unimpressed, personally. I really like Class of 99 (Layne Staley, Tom Morello, Steve Perkins, Martin Lenoble)'s cover of that song on the The Faculty soundtrack though.

I found myself curious as to who else has covered this song, so I looked it up. I discovered a nifty little site that tells you who has covered a particular artist, and who that artist has covered. Take a looksee:


I had no idea that Pearl Jam covered Floyd, if anybody has that and wants to send it to me via aim (wikid garden is my screen name) I will love you forever! Also, Metallica apparently covered AIC's "Man in the Box"? AWESOME. I'm a huge Alice in Chains and Metallica fan and I never knew that.

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[02 Dec 2004|02:15pm]

What's a good music video? I'm eager to catch up on my video collection.

Beck's Loser is pretty strange and so is Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun.. in case anyone was interested.
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[27 Nov 2004|03:58pm]

Can you imagine going your entire life never hearing a note of music?
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[26 Nov 2004|07:47pm]

i want to listen to music that isnt played on the radio...
i dont want to go into total screamo..

i want something that is worth downloading for 3 and a half hours..i have slow connection.

++has anyone heard :
A Thorn For Every Heart
Within Temptation
Arrogant sons of bitches
Assorted Jellybeans++

i haven't heard them..just trying to download them..are they any of them any good?
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Hello all. [26 Nov 2004|08:14pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Hi, my name is Britni.  I just joined.  I am really into music... all kinds of music.  It just really depends on what mood I am in.  Actually, my user name is from Vermilion Part 2... it's a Slipknot song and I love it!

Anywho... feel free to comment in my journal and I will more than likely add you!


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[23 Nov 2004|01:32pm]

Anybody heard the new Rammstein song, Amerika?

I'm seeing Godsmack Acoustic tonight. I saw it previously on September 11th and the show was amazing, as expected. I'm hoping they'll mix it up a little and play some different stuff. Either way I know it's going to be a kickass show so expect a review tomorrow or the next day.

And.. just because I don't think I ever have.. here is my guitar:

Okay, it's not technically my guitar, it's my roomate David's. But it's the only one I can play without strings breaking off. I could play one of the three acoustics but they hurt my fingers.

Just out of curiosity, who all here can play an instrument and what kind? To get the conversation ball started..
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These are all on my xmass list [23 Nov 2004|04:10pm]

I like the new layout.

Just thought I'd mention that Nirvana's box set comes out today, and I think NIN is re-releasing a special edition of The Downward Spiral for the 10th anniversary of the original. Also be on the lookout for Velvet Revolver's re-release of Contraband with extra tracks. Oh and if you like U2, they have a new record out too. That's all, peace.
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