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___starwars's Journal

star wars graphics,layouts, icons,etc.
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Welcome to ___starwars. This community is for fans of the movie star wars or the cast memebers. We make layouts,icons,banners etc. We take requests but make sure you give people time to make them[always credit].

1.If you are posting icons, layouts etc. make sure you use an lj cut. They take up to much room to have showing. If you dont have an lj-cut you're post will be deleted.

2.ALWAYS CREDIT if you dont credit once, we will remind you, if you don't credit after that we will banned you.

3. If you don't like someones work[icons,layouts etc] please don't be rude about dont be like eww, that is ugly! say something like you could do this to make it better.. if you are rude to anyone about their work you will be banned.

4.When making a new post for the community make sure that it is made to be friends only, this community is members only after all!

5.After joining please leave a comment in the members only pageinforming us, thank you if you don’t remember its ok, but I’d appreciate it

6.We take requests, but please give people time to make them, we do have lives!!

___xparadise - carrie
win_a_goldfish - ashley
gigglebabe2190 - bhumi


want to affiliate with us? click Here to be added. we'll add anyone , not just starwars related!!


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