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Being In The Spotlight

Welcome to ___SPOTLIGHT_. It was made on May6,2005 by Julia {green3yedgrl} & Amy {_arcadefire} but was past down to Pamela {modelike} on July 25, 2005. This community is for graphic makers or new graphic community mods who want to get their name out there in the spotlight!


There are a few rules you have to go by.

1. Absolutely no HOT LINKING! or stealing anybody's graphics.
2. Always COMMENT and CREDIT the maker with any graphic of their's you are taking.
We will not accept people who do not comment/credit someone elses work. If you do NOT know how to credit someone then you must find out before joining this community. It is required that you understand how to credit.
If you post your graphics here and you see that someone hasn't given you credit for your work, you are required to report her/him to either Amy or I. He/she will be banned from this community ASAP.
**We want any member to be able to post graphics here so lets all help make this community run smoothly!** :)
3. Requests will be open once we get enough members. There will be a form you must fill out for this that I will post later on. Anyone will be able to accept these requests.
4. ALL POSTS/REQUESTS are required to have a LJ-CUT. If you don't use one your post will be ignored.
5. No promoting a community unless you are promoting with the community's graphics.

You will be banned if you do not follow these rules.
This is getting-your-name-out-there community so be respectful and considerate towards other members/posters.


If you'd like to be one just contact the mod!


Please Promote ___SPOTLIGHT_!