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I recently (very recently) got into Spaced. Being the 15 year old science fiction fangirl I am, I loved it, and wonder why I didn't watch it sooner. My excuse is that I was 5 when it was made.
So yes, this is my first post and everything, so I bring fanfiction. Because it is non-existant on the interweb. It is bad, very bad. Don't read it. It's out of character and poorly written.

If I haven't scared you off yet, it's here at my journal.

Title: Green Eyed Monster
Fandom: Spaced
Pairing: Tim/Daisy
Rating: T (for language and dirty noises)
Summary: “Oh, really, how so?” She asked, trying to keep calm, unable to hear anything other than the noises coming from Tim’s bedroom last night, looping over and over in her mind."

N.B: Oh, I stole this icon from around here somewhere a while ago, but can't find who made it. Does anybody know so I can credit them properly? Thanks (: 

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