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Fic: Flatmates Past, G, Sherlock/Spaced crossover

Title: Flatmates Past
Fandom: Sherlock/Spaced crossover
Pairings: Tim/Daisy, Sherlock/John friendship. Mentions of Mycroft.
Rating: PG
Summary: Sherlock and Daisy used to live together in the squat Daisy lived in at the beginning of Spaced. Eleven years later, they  run into each other on street. Current day Tim and Daisy are based on this. If you are unfamiliar with Spaced, the Mycroft bit is explained by watching this clip.

Fic can be found here.

I hope this is alright. I didn't find any rules regarding fic on the profile page.
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Looking for screencaps

Hi, I was wondering if you guys could help me with a project I'm working on.
I need two very specific screencaps, but my DVDs are elsewhere at the moment.

The moments I need good sized caps of are:

- Daisy's graduation photo. This is seen in the first episode where Tim and Daisy go over what they've learned about each other in order to fake being a couple.

- The final shot of Tim, Daisy and Colin at the end of season two. It's the very last shot before the door closes.

I need these by tomorrow evening, and would be incredibly grateful if anyone here could help.

American! Spaced clips.

Not sure if this had been posted before, but I stumbled upon it while perusing the Spaced page on TvTropes.

It's part of the pilot they put together for the American version of Spaced (which, thankfully, didnt go through). I'm guessing the guy who put it up was playing the Brian character (who isn't named Brian).

Man I'm so glad they didn't do this.
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