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so the theme is make up

but hey who siad it had to be face make up so i went a lil cwazy and decided id make it kiss and make up
these are peoeple who i (L) but need to amke up with cause we r fighting

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ex boy friend ^^ brett

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ex best friend ^^ amy pretty depressing ay

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my beautifull cousin jenny shes not happy

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~Name:Sammantha Chapin but my friends call my lilbit


~Band(s)-Nirvana,System of a down,
~Song lyric-touch me, tease me, kiss me, please me
~Store-Hot topic,AE
~Food-Chinease,mexican food,pizza
~Drink-Mountain dew pitch black,pepsi,dr.pepper
~Movie(s)-the notebook, Napolean dynamite,
~Actress-Anjelina Jolie,
~Type of music-punk,metal,rap
~fasion trend-i dont go for trends,im an individual

<3~Least Fav~<3

~Type of music-country,r&b,clasical
~fashion trend-dont like any of them

<3So much to say<3

~2004 election-I dont really get into politics that much
~Fake people-I hate them..why cant you just be yourself instead of trying to be someone else and stop tryin to make ppl like you for somethin your not?:)
~self mutalation-I dont understand how ppl could do that to they're self?
~drugs/alcohol-thats another thing that i dont understand really..i mean i have tried drinking,most ppl have, but not the whole drug thing:)
~Emo-its ok not really my type of music though

<3Make us laugh<3-

~ A pic that reminds you of yourself <3sorry my computers acting up but i cna p[ost all pics l8ter
~*Are you gonna promote your ass off?*HELL YEAH!
~*Show us proof you that you promoted to 2 other livejournal members or 2 communitys* **********************************************


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! COME JOIN hawt___shit !
We are a members only community that is looking for gorgeous members like yourself! sorry for the promo, please think about it! <33</b></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font>

People, if you're bored, check this community out!

Once again

I promoted again. It would be nice if the other members promoted, even if you promoted to 2 people. Also, you guys kno that you can write anything in here after you become member... So lets get some posts up! =]

</3 Amanduh
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I'm in 1st period right now, I decided that I should post something up in the community. They are fixing to come and get me, so I can go take a screwed up biliungual test. Well I will post some later, cause Leanne is telling me to read her damn journal. So Peace Out.
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Mod. Stamped.

We need a new theme. We also need new applicants. I promoted in 17 places yesterday. It would be appreciated if you promoted as well. Just search an intrest and put one of the promoting pictures in from the info page. Or simply put in www.livejournal.com/users/___soupoftheday

So, People who have a Awezumxness Idea for a theme, leave a comment. If you want to do one that had been said in the applications, then comment and say that.

[Brooke, I'll let you finalize the theme this time, since I picked last time]

.:[ You Mod, Amanduh ]:.
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