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teeeheeeeeee I likes me some MANDOLIN. hehe. I'm not suggesting we meet and reherse during midterms, oh know, but i do think it would be really cool if EACH ONE OF US BEFORE BREAK FOUND A SONG OR POEM WE'D WRITTEN AND COPIED IT OR E-MAILED IT OR POSTED IT HERE FOR THE OTHER PEOPLE AND THEN WE COULD ALL TRY TO FIGURE OUT SOME CHORDS OR NOTES THAT WORKED WITH IT. If the song/poem already has chords, post chords in parenthesis before each word they come before. If not, we could each give a shot at making up our own arrangment of it and see whose is hotest.

i mean, come on guys. Break bores me to tears by the end of it. You know you want to have something to do those last 2 or 3 days of break when your family starts to butt into your business and you've seen all your old friends already and stuff.

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* note: the style is meant to start out supremes-style, with singers repeating things after the soloist. it starts out more minimalistic with just piano, and every new verse OR chorus a new instrument comes in.

Song for Noel and Brandon

he's a thin, thin boy (a thin thin boy)
drinks beer mysteriously
smokes pot mysteriously
and when he eats his cucumbers
and when he eats his tofu burger
she shouts out loud.

She shouts,
boy I've been waiting for you for so long
for a thin, thin boy with your silky smooth arms
for a boy who will hold me at night
a boy of tofu.

He's a thin, thin boy (a thin thin boy)
dreams mysterious dreams
says mysterious thing
(when no one's around)
and when he eats his vegan ice cream
and when he eats his egless egg salad
she sings out loud.

she sings,
boy I've been waiting for you so long
for a thin, thin boy with your sweet satin touch
for a boy who will hold me at night
while I dream of tofu.

repeat verse one.

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not sure we should have band practice on Wednesday after all. Noel's guitar goes bye bye today, it turns out, and I probably would not be there until like 10:20 anyway now that i think about it because of dumb ass work.

what do you all think?

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Johanna and I have been looking fondly at this poster about a "battle of the bands thing" in early or mid october. we'd all need to submit a repetoire list if we wanted to be in it though.

OKAY let's practice!! fun fun!! I am available tonight after 4 and before 10, Tuesday after 4:15, Wed. after 2:30, Friday most times of the day.


Noel, any news about the guitar? will kay let you rent it? and/or when/how soon is she going to demand it back?

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I think it would be funny if Tom and Johanna ALTERNATED singing the lyrics/chorus from Ben Folds Five's "Song for the Dumped."

you know, the one that goes, Give me my money back, you bitch. Only Johanna could sing prick instead of bitch.

I think it would be really cool.

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okay, anyone who reads this BE IN THE TALCOTT LOUNGE AT 3:30 so we can practice approx. 3:30-4:45 or so. earlier is better for me. THANKS!!!

Tom, I don't know your phone number, by the way.

two times we all could practice

1) my usual saturday afternoon thing got cancelled for just today, so we could maybe have practice today some time between 1 and 4:30 if everyone checks livejournal this morning.

2) Sunday some time between 4:30 and 7 seems to work for everyone, although, of course, it would mean a late dinner.

everyone please let me know what you think!

Tom, do you have your keyboards? if so, we should practice in your room. If not, we should practice in Talcott lounge because the piano is supurb.