Skittles Are Awesome

I know.

Skittles Are Awesome and you know it
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Welcome to ___skittlesdude!
This is a new community, so promote so we can get it up and running!

We have 16 auto accepts left

1)Don't cause drama; you will be banned
2)13 and up ONLY
3)When voting, put "Skittle" (for yes) or "Raisin" (for no) in the title, and list negatives and positives. Try to keep yourself from saying, "No, because I'm pissed off."
4)You may promote other communities, but please put it here and if other members are looking for communities to join, they can look there or at sister communities.
5)If you are rejected you may reapply in 1 week, but use different pictures and different answers on your application
6)Get your application from here and in the title put, "Do I rock as much as Skittles?"
7)When you apply, OUTSIDE THE CUT but IN THE SAME ENTRY please list 3 members that you think are hot, and why.
8)When promoting, use the banners.

.:Your Mods:.


100 pts

250 Skittles gets you an auto accept or auto reject
5 skittles
-for each time you promote and provide a link here
If you don't put it there, you won't get the points. Sorry.
-for each picture you post
10 skittles
-for each theme/contest/scavanger hunt you participate in
-for each applicant that lists you as the reason they joined

.:Themes/Contests/Scavanger Hunts:.
Are coming soon. We would like to get the 20 members first, though!

.:Members With Skittles:.
meggystarr 50