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Anyone in the Atlanta Area

Is anyone in the Georgia area interested in buying a complete photo-emulsion 4 color press workshop? It's the whole shebang, down to the paper towels used to clean the screens.

I bought it new back August and am not really interested in screen printing anymore. I spent over $2,500 but would be willing to let it go for $800.

It includes a 4 color press, a 25 by 36 inch UV exposure unit, a flash cure unit, an electric pressure washer, a 22 screens, a screen rack, a drying rack, 4 squeegees, ink, emulsion, paper towels, cleaning chemicals, prep chemicals, original instruction, a 4 hour DVD of video instruction, a guidebook, and more.

If you're interested I can provide the complete itemized list, but suffice it to say it's everything needed to get started. All you'd need is a place to put it.
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Party & $ale

Hey everyone,
it's p0isson's 1 year anniversary and in light of this, we have worked really hard in putting together a party that you all are invited to! You can see the flyer behind the cutCollapse )

When: Saturday January 6th, 2007
Where: The Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen St. W)
Doors: 10PM  (19+)
Cost: 5$ all proceeds go to the Make-a-wish-foundation

Everyone will get a free button at the door :D there will be prizes and raffles! Hope you all can make it. I'll probably post this again closer to the date. I also wanted to mention that we are having a major sale right now as well just in time for the holidays. All shirts are 20$ & FREE SHIPPING.

Please check us out

that's a Zero.

Thanks y'allz!

Another Newbie, I'm Afraid...

I'm intending to screen-print some 1 - 2mm thick sheet-plastic - which has been prepared by sanding and laying down a base coat of primer - with a fine-detailed design. I've already decided that photo-emulsion is the way to go, and I've done enough reading to feel somewhat secure. (Guess who hasn't done any screen-printing since she was in high-school?)

My question is about ink and finishing.

Ideally, I want the finished product to have a very glossy look to it - I'm creating dials for faux pocket watches, and so I'd like to have something evocative of the porcelain or enamel dial that a real watch would have.

Should I just use Speedball's regular acrylic ink to lay down the base (white) coat, on top of the primed plastic, then use the same (in black) for the dial's numerals/details, and then varnish the hell out of it when it's dry, or is there such a thing as "enamel-based ink which is safe for a silk screen and available in quantities LESS than a gallon"?

I'm worried about, oh, dissolving the screen with meths, or whatever one uses to get enamel-ink out of a screen. And doesn't enamel ink require some special conditions for drying?

(I should mention that "fabric" and "everything else" Speedball inks seem to be my only options at the local art-mart.)

Any advice/suggestions for creating a "glossy" look on the finished product would be appreciated. At this point, I'm leaning towards "acrylic inks + polyurethane varnish" as it sounds like it would be safer, less hassle, and more environmentally friendly - but I'd love to hear from the experts. Thanks!

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okay, so i have a pretty dumb question.

buttt! here goes nottttttthing.

i have the same kit as the post before mine has, the speedball kit. i'm sure you all know which one i'm talking about.. its been a while since i've been on livejournal, so i forget how to d a cut but anyway...

i have that kit, and have used it many times, but i do the most simple way of silkscreening. i cut out a stencil, tape it on and away we go.

but i want to try something different. and since i have terrible patience, i can't cut out really fine stencils... which is what i want to start doing.

(wow i sound so confusing and i talk to much... okay to the point i go..)

in the last post, it showed how to use the screen filler, and what to do and i understand everything. how to trace the stencil, how to put the screen filler on, how to actually use the ink... except! it doesn't say how you wash the screen filler out?!?!?!?!?!

ahhh. this post make me sound entirely incompetent. i swear its only because im going on no sleep here,.

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My friend and I are about to be screen printing t-shirts to resemble baseball/football jerseys!! This is my first screen print to ever do and she didn't even know you could make your own shirts like this. So, here is a pic of what it will say hereCollapse ) any suggestions before I start? I don't want to mess it up. I'm using a thisCollapse )speedball kit


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