Sh-Shake, Shake it like a Prison Break.


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a rating community for boys or girls.


name; Melissa
age; 16
lyric; "I hope you choke on those words that kissed that bottle." -FOB

name; Julie
age; 16
lyric; "id like to tell you that without you im so happy i could die" - Catch22

-- obviously EVERYTHING in this community is to be Friends Only. ONE warning.
01. Don't be a dick if we don't like you. Suck it up. kthx.
02. Put "shake this." as the subject of your application.
03. Atleast 5 clear pictures of yourself.
04. You HAVE TO promote us to a community or in your userinfo. If you don't it's a no go. One warning.
05. Don't be a lame ass, take time with your survey &act like you're the least bit interested.
06. EVERYTHING goes behind a LJ-Cut. One warning.
07. If you're rejected I'm sure we'd rather not see your face again, but you can try out again in a week.
08. Must try out within 48hrs of joining.
09. Will be stamped within 2 days after trying out.
10. 15+ or it's a no go.
11. We need a picture of you in your app. that's 100x100 in size. if you're accepted it will go in the accepted list above your name.
12. ONLY comment on your own entry until you're accepted.

01. Don't say yes to ugly people.
02. Promotepromotepromote.
03. Stay active or get banned, it's that simple.
04. If you're gonna be inactive for more than a week let us know.
05. You can promote other communities but it needs to be behind a LJ-cut with a picture of your pretty face.
06. No nudes please. If I see one tit, vag, or penis being flashed around here then i'll ban you.


before you go any further;
a link to where you promoted us;

01. name:
02. age:
03. location:
04. status:

let's learn some more;
05. 10 bands you like:
06. 5 or more movies:
07. 2 or more books:
08. favorite spot to hangout:
09. last show/concert attended:
10. vegan/vegetarian/meat eater:
11. what kind of shoes do you wear:
12. favorite cuss word/insult:
13. favorite TV show:
14. anything else:
your face is a motherfucking rape scene.

[[5 or more pictures here.]]

accepted / rejected / banned / stamps / banners
unfortunatly you have to be a member to see this.
so join today &tryout!


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we make hookers cum.