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o1.) Name: Karissa
o2.) Age: 17
o3.) Location:Wellington, FL
o4.) Status: Single
o5.) Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
o6.) Where'd you hear about us/who promoted to you?: I was looking through communities not quite sure which one
o7.) 5+ sentences about you: I'm extremely goofy at times. Other times I'm blunt and too the point.I'm never quick to judge. I listen to every kind of music, I can name almost every song. I'm way too nice.
o8.) 4+ things you couldn't live without: I could never live without film. It's what I live to do. It creates another world to escape to.Also photography, I love doing photoshoots.
o9.) 3+ favorite movies:

1o.) 2+ favorite books: The history of love a novel, Extremely Loud Incredibly close, Everything's illuminated, Anything by H.G Wells, The Virgin Suicides
11.) 1+ reason we should give you a yes: You should say yes, because everyday I'll try to bring something new to the table.
12.) Show us your favorite article of clothing:
My new dress I bought which I can only provide a link:


13.) Promote in two(2) places and show us the links:

14.) 6+ pictures:


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