October 24th, 2006


stamped//im leaving :(

I'm leaving guys.
I'm sorry, I just have too much stuff to do.
Between working too much so I can pay rent, studying to much so I can go to law school, and sleeping too much because I'm always tired now, I just have to lay off the rating communities for awhile.

I'll probably be back, so don't go anywhere.

And add me.
paper doll

Picture Crazy!

Sorry I haven't been too active....
Who knew college took time and concentration?

Anywho - hope things have been going great for everyone :)
I'm going to school down in Detorit, Michigan - and the DIA (Detroit Insitute Of Arts) is like a 5 min walk away.
So on the way there and back, my friend Monica and I took a lot of goofy pictures...

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