October 8th, 2006

Birds kissing


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sorry they're kinda out of order but yeahhhh =)
if you guys remember.. a few weeks ago I posted pictures from a wedding of me in a green dress that I was supposed to wear to Homecoming.. thank god it fell apart and we had to take it back because honestly, there had to be at least 15 people wearing that dress. I think it was the most worn one out of all of them, and I hateeee having the same dress as other people! Luckily the dress I ended up wearing nobody had.
paper doll

Stamped// Big Update

So now that I'm away at school, I haven't had much of a chance to take pictures, hence being so late with an update.
But somehow, over the past few weeks I managed to stack up quite a few pictures...

So beware! Big update!

Also happens that it's the first big test I have tomorrow, but since I'm SO awesome at procrasnating...
I'm posting instead of studying.
Go me!

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