September 12th, 2006

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right about now, i'd normally be sleeping since it's a school night, but i took a long nap today and screwed up my sleep schedule, so here i am.. asking you guys for suggestions.

okay, so my english teacher assigned us a list of authors that have been acknowledged as important to american literature.. and i haven't even heard of most of these authors or any of their novels. and i know some of you here are big on reading, so if you guys could suggest a book either by one of the authors on my list, or another book that you've read that has something to do with american literature [i can read a book from a different author with teacher's approval] that'd be fantastic. i want to read "the culture of fear" by barry glassner, but i'm not sure if the author would be considered accoplished & reconized.

& here's the huuuge list of authors. maybe typing this out will make me tired.Collapse )

now that i officially feel like a loser for having enough time to type that whole sheet out, PLEASE help me! [i might have mispelled a few things, i wasn't really paying attention] thank you in advance :]