November 12th, 2005

i'm out

i know a lot of people are doing this
but they're right, this community is dead
comment on my journal or join my community (____bs4l) if you want to keep in contact
peace colorful


We've had a few people leave in the past few days, and that really sucks. :(

But, I'd like for this community to be active again. I'm going to try and promote more, and I'd really like it if you would too.

Here are the banners. Please promote. ♥


PS: What happened to all my mods?
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We don't care if you're leaving. We don't care why.
If we liked you, we would have added you to begin with.

I'm sick of these "I'm leaving" posts.
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Stamped but Leaving

This community seemed like it dried up.....
and there was only one person i really liked from this community (apart from a few i know from other communities ) and i have her on myspace, so im good.. hope everything goes well in here guys maybe i'll come back someday.. but im just not into it anymore


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what up guyss
im NOT leaving
im gonna stay here till the end bitches
just cause its not so active right now
doesnt mean its gonna die!
Viva la selfsnapshot!!!

( pictures soon)